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Weddings Cost an Arm AND a Dag-gone Leg

I've worked in the wedding industry in one form or another since I was about 14 years old.

My aunt ran a very successful catering business which she recruited me and all of her children to help cook, clean, serve, contract, set up, break down, hire, unhire, you name it. Working with her at street festivals, embassy events, birthday parties, weddings, and all manner of occasions, I was always drawn to how much more beautiful weddings seem to be in comparison to any other event. They were just more glamorous, possibly because they were (suppose to be) one time events so they were done "uge" (that could either be a DT reference or the typical Jamaican omission of the letter H).

As an adult, I still find myself drawn to weddings although birthday parties and showers have come a LONG way and can often compete with the fabulousness of any wedding. What has always peaked my interest, besides the visual stunningness, is the astronomical cost of having a wedding. I MEAN!

In 2018, the average wedding cost $33,391. That's a lot of money by most standards and I personally find it insane. I worked in hotel sales and found it one of the toughest jobs I've ever had, not because selling is hard, but because I didn't like the feeling of price gouging someone who just wants to have a good time and celebrate a new life, a new baby, a new year. I've never been able to feel good about myself after selling a customer something they could have done without. Now that's not to say that some of those items they could have done without didn't enhance the look and feel of their event, but seriously, what should that truly cost?

The markup on wedding related products or services can be as much as 600% as is the case in wedding gowns. 600%!!! I guess in sales, a one-time purchase needs to be marked up because, hey, we may never get money from this one client again. I've never been comfortable with that idea, that is one of the greatest reasons I started 876 Events & Rentals. While we don't sell wedding dresses...yet, I wanted people to have a resource for low cost rentals that won't break the bank. I want the events I'm a part of to be stunning and visually breathtaking without my clients gasping for financial air. Although we are small, we make conscious efforts to keep costs at a minimum so that every bride and do-it-yourself planners can afford gorgeous, memorable events that their guests will talk about for years to come.

All that being said, my advise is start your marriage out without exorbitant wedding debt! ALWAYS shop around for best prices; there are tons of wedding resources competing for your dollars. Invest in a good professional planner, it'll be worth the money and they will help you stay on track with your budget, consider DIY options, and opt for rentals instead of purchases because it'll not only save you money.

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