A good Event Planner always has a "forget something" kit for those times you realize, "Oh sh*t! I forgot something". Our "OH SH*T! BOX" comes in a reusable gift box and has everything!

  • Snacks when our bride forgets to eat + boxed water (box water is the best water!)
  • toothpaste, toothbrush + mouthwash
  • Sewing kit, Hem tape + Double-sided tape
  • Safety pins + Hairpins 
  • Deodorant, lotion + Chapstick
  • Shaving cream + Disposable razor
  • Face wipes + Stain wipes
  • Band-Aids, Cotton pads + Swabs
  • Advil, Alka Seltzer + Pepto
  • Nail file + Mints
  • Tampons + Liners
  • Hair brush + Lint brush 


  • The OH SH*T! BOX is available to ship nationwide.