876 Events & Rentals

About Us

876 Events & Rentals is a team of certified Special Event and Wedding Planners who want to make creating your special event easier on you and your budget.

We help our clients personalize their events with a variety of decorative rentals, manage their expenses by eliminating the need to purchase multiple items (that will never be used again), and offer high quality, professional coordination and planning services at reasonable rates. 

Our event and wedding planners are located in the greater Washington DC area, Orlando, and Miami FL,; but don't let that stop you from contacting us if you're located anywhere else in the 52 states. We love to travel just as much as we love helping our clients. 

Our Rentals

We believe that unless you plan on using them again, buying decorations for your event is a waste of time and money. We offer a selection of items at a reasonable price so that you don't break the bank. Besides, what are you going to do with all that decor when the event is over? 

Our Services

We always aim to be environmentally conscious and so believe in incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable elements into every event. To us, being earth-friendly means adding a level of consciousness without skimping on any of your event's beauty, magic, or allure.